Overview: Leave reports

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Leave reports

There is a variety of reports that can be created in the Leavedays application. These reports allow you to gain insight into different HR aspects. These reports can be a list of the requests made by employees, or a list of all the employees who are reported sick, and anything in between.

It is a convenience to have an overview of all the different reports available in the application. Below, you will find a list with all the different reports, and how best to use them.

Leave balance:

The leave balance report is an overview of the remaining balance of a certain type of leave of one or all of your employees. It might be useful at the end of the year to create a report for the year review or accountant. This report shows how much leave the employees were given at the start of the year, the amount of leave they took, and how much is left.

Leave build-up:

In 2012, a new Dutch legislation was implemented, which stated that the yearly balance entitlement should be separated into two parts: one part statutory leave, and one part exceeding the statutory minimum.

To gain insight into the build-up of these balances, you can go to the employee balance overview, but that will only tell you the balances of one employee. The report allows you to see the balances of all your employees.

The leave build-up report shows the amount of leave granted at the beginning of the year, the amount, if any, that was transferred from the previous year, the taken leave, and the remaining leave. Furthermore, this report shows the division of statutory and non-statutory leave, and the balance that will expire in 2 to 5 years.

Taken leave:

The taken leave report provides a clear overview of the leave from all different types of leave that has been used. Basically, this is the sum of all the approved leave days in the system. Administrative adaptations (a deduction adaptation, for instance) are not included in this overview.

Request summary:

This report gives a clear overview of the status of all the requests of an employee. It shows whether a request was approved, rejected, cancelled or still to be assessed.


This overview contains all the adaptations that have taken place in the selected period. Per day, you can view the number of hours in the adaptation, and which type of leave it pertains to. This report contains the employee’s requests, as well as the administrative adaptations made by administrators or managers.

Employee leaving employment

Use this report to find out which employees are leaving employment, and which month this is set to happen.


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Click here to read more about reports regarding sick leave.