User roles


The Leavedays system uses a number of specific administrative roles that a user can fulfill. These roles can be linked to the users, by using the import employees functionality or by manually adding employees. Note: One employee can have multiple roles.

Leavedays employs the following roles:

  • Administration
  • System management
  • Manager
  • Employee

The administrator is the operator of all data within the system. An administrator’s tasks are among others: add employees, change or delete details, adjust master data, make a request for someone else, submit a collective request, make administrative adaptations to the balance, process the current year, create a next year, import, and generate reports.

System management
The system administrator is in charge of all the system settings. This role is often given in combination with the role of administration.

A manager (authorizer) can assess the requests made by their employees, and appoint a temporary replacement to take over his/her tasks. Also, the manager can submit (and immediately approve) requests for his/her ‘own’ employees. A manager has access to all the balances of all the employees who are managed by him/her.

Everyone who gets a leave balance and therefore has to make leave requests should have the role of employee. Not every user in the system has to be an employee. It is possible to just be a (system) manager or an administrator. A user will be seen as employee when this person will actually request any kind of leave.

If you’re an administrator, read about attaching roles to users here.