Special days / national holidays

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What is the purpose of the special days / national holidays?

It is possible that the company you work for manages certain special days, either for the entire company or for just a part of it, in which the employees have the day off. National holidays are the most common example of this, but it could occur that the company also has other days listed as special days off.

What does the “special days” function entail?

Within the Leavedays system, the function “special days” makes sure that the special day is shown in the calendar, and also that the employees cannot request leave for that day. Otherwise the employee gives up balance to take leave, on a day that s/he already has off. This is also the biggest difference between a “special day” and a “collective request“. In the case of a special day, the employees have the day off, without having to give up balance for that. In case of a collective request, multiple employees (up to the entire company) have the day off, but balance is deducted from every employee.

However, while entering / changing the special days, you can also decide to disable the function ‘is day off’. Now, this special day will appear in the calendar, but the employees do not automatically have the day off. So it is mainly for informative purposes. If the employee still wants that special day off, s/he will have request this, just like a regular day off.

Entering special days

In order to enter special days, go to ‘Settings (gear icon top right)’ ⇒ ‘Master data’ ⇒ ‘Special days’. Here you find a screen with 2 buttons. The first button reads “Insert”, and  the second one reads “Add national holidays”. With the first button you can enter random special days, that probably only apply to your own company. You will then have to add the date and name of the special day. In doing this, you can also decide whether this is a day off, or not, through the check box ‘Is day off’. When this function is disabled, the special day will be shown in the calendar, but will not (automatically) be a day off for employees. The colour in which this day is shown in the calendar can also be adjusted here.

By using the second button, you can add all the Dutch national holidays at once.

Also for these days, you can change the colour with which the special days are shown in the calendar, by selecting the little pencil icon next to the special day. Furthermore, it is also the case here that you can decide whether this is a day off, or will simply be shown for informative purposes.

Attention: These special days need to be added every year to make sure all employees will have the day off on these holidays. 

You can also decide to only link certain special days to certain employees. This usually occurs when your company has employees from different countries or different regions. If a company both employs Dutch and Belgian employees, both will be entitled different special days and holidays. You can enter all of the special days in the system, and then register which employee belongs to which group of special days, using the ‘region’ function.

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