Registration Assistant


The LeaveDays team has been working on implementing improved security and authentication in the application. These changes are related to the new law regarding data protection (GDPR). This means that all LeaveDays users must go through a process to re-register themselves. The registration is facilitated by a wizard: a step-by-step online process which explains what to do for each step. Re-registration is necessary because we have set new requirements for usernames and passwords. This will make the LeaveDays application more secure and reliable.

For detailed information and explanation about the different steps of the registration assistant, see the support pages below:


Why do I have to register when I already have login details?

Since we have made some improvements in authentication and security, we have to make sure everyone’s login credentials meet the requirements. For instance, LeaveDays is now working with strong passwords, which means that passwords must contain a digit, a non-alphanumeric character (!@#$ etc.), a lower case character and an upper case character. These passwords are safer and less likely to be cracked. Thus, all users must re-register to ensure that everyone’s credentials meet the requirements. Read more information about these changes, and why they are necessary.

Will I have to go through this registration assistant every time I log in?

No, you only have to go through this registration once. The username, or email address, and password you enter here can be used to log into the LeaveDays environment in the future.

Why does the website look different?

We are working on a redesign of the entire LeaveDays environment, including the apps. The design of this registration website is what LeaveDays is going to look like!

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