Register hours via the time terminal (with a key tag / card)

If a terminal has been installed at your company, and you have been provided with a key tag or key card, you can also clock in using this terminal.

Key card and key tag

When you come in, you can select ‘In’ on the time terminal, which is the button on the top left, and scan your key tag or key card. The time terminal will show your information in the screen. When you go home and, if necessary, when you go for your lunch break, you can select ‘Out’ on the terminal, and scan your key tag or card again. The system will then show the start time and end time of the worked hours. These entries will be registered in the system, and can be supplemented manually in the system as well.

After each week you will be able to confirm your working hours of the past week by applying them to you manager via Time registration –> Time registration –> Weekly report