Problems with logging in

I don’t know my username / password

In case of a lost username, password, or both, this can be requested once again. As long as an e-mail adres is known, further information can be requested through the Login screen. Head to your standard LeaveDays page, or the login page at, to find the options listed underneath the login button.

Important: In this functionality there is no check whether the filled in information is correct or not. Only if a valid e-mail address and/or username has been entered, an e-mail will be sent. The system does not show whether the e-mail address exists within our database or not, or if the username is or isn’t connected to the e-mail address. This is due to privacy and security reasons, to prevent guessing of e-mail addresses.

I don’t know my login e-mail address

When there is uncertainty on which e-mail address has been selected to log-in on the account, the LeaveDays administrator at your company can send you your accountinformation to the e-mail they’ve set on your user (even if this differs from the e-mail used to log in). They can find this option through editing your user profile. Through this, within a few minutes, an e-mail will be sent with the connected login e-mail and username.

Important: If this e-mail does not show an e-mail address or username, the account probably is connected through Single-Sign-On

I’m not receiving an e-mail with my username / password reset link

It may take a few minutes before our system has sent the e-mail. Following which check your spambox. If the e-mail still does not arrive, it could be that the input at Password / Username forgotten usage was incorrect. Try this again, and carefully check the input. The system does not let you know if the e-mail address exists or not, or if the username is or isn’t connected to the e-mail address. This is due to privacy and security reasons, to prevent e-mail guessing.

I see the message “Invalid login attempt”

This is a generic notification that is shown when the entered username and/or password has not been found in our system. There is no distinction between valid or invalid usernames through security reasons. Thoroughly check all the fields for valid input, or request the username / password once again.

I see an error screen after logging in

Errors screens when the login information has been entered correctly, and a new page is loaded, can occur in a few situations. It is possible your browser has stored information which is no longer correct due to a new update; in which case the browser needs to load the most recent version of the page. It could also be that the environment has recently been updated to a new web address, or that the user has been transferred to a new administration from the LeaveDays system. This problem usually gets solved by first checking the webaddress of the browser, and after this clicking on the green button “LeaveDays”, and after this to press ctrl+F5 (for Windows) or Cmd+Shift+R (for Mac). If this does not seem to resolve the issue, contact our Support department with the Username, E-mail Address and correct LeaveDays web-address of your company.

Important: We only support the latest versions of the latest browsers; Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari

My activation link has expired

Activation links are, for security reasons, available for use on a limited time. When these have been expired and the user has not yet been activated, a LeaveDays administrator within your company can “Send new activation” through your user account to generate a new link.

Important: This new link is also available for a limited time and should be used as soon as possible. Make sure not to use the deactivation, and reactivation functionality for this. This is not intended to be used this way.