Newsletter October 2016

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In this edition we announce 3 improvements

A preview of the soon to be new Leavedays App

We introduce a way to collectively change contracts

We show you a better way for employees to administer all their leave

The Leavedays App

By wednesday the 26th of October we will launch a fresh new version of the Leavedays App. The entire app looks different, has been improved and extra functionality has been added.

Please inform your management staff that from this date on they will able to use the app for assessement and sick reports.

Next to a few bugfixes the following major improvements have been added,

  • From now on Managers will be able to assess requests via the App
  • Administrators and Managers will able to register sickleave via their mobile

Collective Contract Change

It could occur that, for one reason or another, employees’ contracts need to be changed. This would usually be handled manually via the edit employee screen of the employee in question. In the case that it involves a bigger number of employees, it would take a lot of time to change everything manually. Therefore, you can choose to use a collective contract change to make changes for multiple employees at the same time, and connect a starting date for when the change needs to be implemented.

With this new option it has been made possible to change Employment, Percentage and/or Schedule for all employees or a specific selection on a specified date.

This functionality has already been added to your Leavedays system. You can find it under Administration –> Collective Contract Change

Request Summary

With the Request Summary you can find an overview of all requests which;

  1. Are being requested. These requests still have to be approved by the manager.
  2. Are being cancelled. These cancel requests still have to be approved by the manager.
  3. Are rejected. These requests are rejected by the manager.
  4. Are approved. These requests are approved by the manager.
  5. Are changed. These request are changed. This request for change have also been approved by the manager.
  6. Are cancelled. These requests are cancelled. This has been approved by the manager.

This functionality has already been added to your Leavedays system. You can find it under Leave –> Request Summary


With LeavedaysNow, we would like to keep you up to date about Leavedays, so that you can take full advantage of the application.

The Leavedays team is always working to improve the application. We have noticed that our users enjoy using the application. However, with our continuous improvements, users sometimes aren’t aware of new ways to make leave and time registration even more efficient.

By providing you with information regularly through our website (, and our support page (, we’d like to give you the opportunity to get the most out of the Leavedays application. 

In the next editions, we will inform you about:

  • New updates and developments
  • New/updated modules
  • Integration of hours and time registration
  • The Leavedays Partner Program
  • We are also working on more instruction videos
  • We are creating a webshop, in which you can purchase extra modules and licences easily yourself.

Kind regards
Team Leavedays