Module: Register sickleave – settings

Using the module register sick for undetermined period of time

With the module register sick, it is possible for employees to register sick for an undetermined period of time. As soon as it becomes clear when the employee will return to work, you can register him/her as recovered, so that the undetermined period is changed into an established period of absence.


Read here how to activate the module in the system, so that you can start registering employees sick.

  • Add new type of leave to register to
    Firstly, go to ‘Settings (Gear icon top right)’ ⇒ ‘Master data’ ⇒ ‘Types of leave’ and select ‘Insert’. Add a name for the type of leave, for example ‘sick for undetermined period of time’ or simply ‘sick’. Next, it is important to set the option ‘Include max. number’ to 0 and to uncheck the box for ‘Show balance’. Finally, assign colours to the type of leave at ‘Colour’ and ‘Colour in request’, and select ‘Save’.
  • Add type of leave to employment
    Once you have created the type of leave, it is important that you link it to employees. To do this, go to ‘Settings (Gear icon top right)’ ⇒ ‘Master data’ ⇒ ‘Employments’, and select the detail of the employment of the employees you wish to register sick. As soon as you have entered the employment detail, select ‘Add type of leave’. Set the ‘Number’ to 0 and fill it in as you are used to doing. After completing the form, select ‘Save’. This needs to be done for all employments linked to employees who you wish to be able to register sick.
  • Activate the module register sick via system settings
    Go to ‘SICK LEAVE (at the top of the page)’ ⇒ ‘Sick leave’. At ‘standard type for sick reports’, select the type of leave you have just created. Then select ‘Save’. The type of leave has now been linked to the module register sick.
  • Activate the module retrospectively by recalculating balance
    When a change has taken place in the employment of an employee, the balance needs to be recalculated, so that the type of leave will become visible in the employee balance summary. To do this for all employees at the same time, go to ‘Settings (Gear icon top right)’ ⇒ ‘Master data’ ⇒ ‘Fiscal years’ and select ‘Recalculate balance’. The type of leave ‘sick’ will then be visible for all employees.

You can now register employees sick and recovered.

Who can register sick

Registering employees sick can be done by multiple people. Someone with the administrative role is always authorized to register people sick and recovered. However, the administrator can also decide to give managers the option to handle his/her employees sick reports him/herself.

In case it is necessary to receive emails when employees are registered sick, you can turn the option ‘send mail to manager in case of sick report’ on via ‘SICK LEAVE (at the top of the page)’ ⇒ ‘Sick leave’. The manager of the employee in question will then always receive an email when the employee is registered sick.

How to register someone sick/recovered

Read about registering employees sick/recovered here.


To gain insight into the periods of sick leave of your employees, go to ‘Report’ | ‘Sick reports’. In case you wish to see all employees in the summary, leave the employee selection bar at ‘–please select–‘. If needed, fill in the time period of which you wish to see the report, and select ‘Show report’.