Make changes in a closed year (reopen year)

Reopen the year after it has been processed and closed.

It is possible that the year has been closed, but extra adaptations have to be processed, or certain aspects have not been handled correctly, such as added balance. The closed year can still be reopened to implement these changes.

  • In case it involves only one employee, you could simply reopen the year for just this employee. This can be done by going to the employee balance summary of this employee. At the bottom of the screen, after you have selected the correct year, there is an option to ‘reopen’ the year for this employee. Select this option and you will be able to implement the changes. As soon as you are done, go back to the balance summary and close the year once again.
  • Go to ‘Settings (Gear icon top right)’ ‘Master data’ ‘Fiscal years to reopen the year. You can then perform the necessary adaptations to the balance, and then close the year once more.