Importing balance adaptations

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Import balance adaptations

By using the functionality ‘importing’ it is possible to import adaptations into the database automatically via an import sheet. This will save you having to do it manually. This proves to be especially useful in the case of a larger administration with many employees.

Click on the download link to download the import sheet for balance adaptations.

Click here for a general explanation about how to use the import sheet.

To fill out the import sheet correctly, the following aspects have to be filled out:

  • Employee number: Here you will have to fill out the employee number of the employee. Every employee needs to have an external number in order to assign them balance using the importer. When no external number is in use, you will not be able to use this functionality. The external number can consist of a combination of numbers and letters.
  • Amount: Here you will have to fill out the amount of balance that needs to be adapted. This can be positive as well as negative balance, and has to be filled out in hours. When it also involves minutes, you can either write it as actual minutes (25:07 means 25 hours and 7 minutes), or you can write it using decimals: 25.03. In the case of a negative balance, you have to put a minus sign in front of it. (-25.03).
  • Date: The date must be according to the international notation. This means yyyy-mm-dd. The numbers have to be separated by hyphens. Every other denotation will result in an error.
  • Comments: You may leave this field blank. This option is just available for clarity, to explain for what reason this adaptation is entered. During the process of importing it is possible to submit a collective comment for all the adaptations in the form. Also this you can leave blank in case you do not want to do this. However, we strongly advise you to always submit a comment. This to ensure clarity for both employee and manager.


As soon as you have filled out the import sheet correctly, you can start importing. Go to ‘Import’ ⇒ ‘Import balance adaptations’ in the menu on the left. After this, please click on select…’ and select the saved import sheet. Now, click on ‘open’. The file will be checked by the system and show you whether the import sheet is complete and correctly filled out. If not, it will say what needs to be changed. As soon as everything is correct, the system will let you finish the import.

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