Importing balance from previous years to the current year (transport adaptations)

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This import is normally used during the process of implementing the system, before going live. The balance of the year in which the company starts using Leavedays does not include any transport balance from the previous year. This is obvious, because there is no way that the previous year could have been included, since you were not using Leavedays then. Luckily, it is possible to use this import to transport your previous balance from outside of the system, into your current balance. Within Leavedays we call this a transport adaptation. The year after, the left-over balance will be transported to the following year automatically by Leavedays itself, so you won’t need to transport it manually.


The file format to import is a CSV-format (Comma Separated Value). All the values have to be separated by a semicolon (;)

The first line holds field names, which have to be filled out in the file, since this is required by the system in order to function well. It could occur that you transport a file without any field names in the first line, but instead it contains “import data”. In this case the information in those lines will not be imported. Filling out the field names correctly will solve the problem.

Layout of the import file

Field name Type Format Required Description
External number Text Yes This is the external number of this unique user as it has been submitted to the system. This number has to exist already within Leavedays and can be entered via edit employee screen.
Verloftype Text Yes This is the type of balance as has been submitted to the system. Within Leavedays, it is necessary for the employee with the username in field 1 to actually have existing balance.
Date of transport Date yyyy-mm-dd Yes This is the date on which the balance is to be deposited for this transport. For example, the balance is to be deposited on 01-01-2014, the transport date will be 2014-1-1
Amount Number Decimal notation, using a period (.) to separate the decimals. Yes Here the number of hours that are left over from the previous year, and thus have to be transported, are entered. The number of hours is noted before the period and the number of minutes is noted in decimals, after the period.  
Examples: 36.25 = 36 hours and 15 minutes. 40.00 = 40 hours.
Reason Text No This is an open space where you can leave a comment regarding the reason. This comment is visible in the system. Example of a comment: “Remaining balance 2013” When this space is left blank, a default message is automatically added by our system


An employee with the username ‘kvdlaan’ is submitted to the system. This employee is given a balance for 2014 with the name “Normal leave”. This employee still has 26 hours and 45 minutes left of the year 2013. The year 2013 is not accessible in the system Leavedays, because you only started Leavedays in 2014. The file for importing the balance of 2013 will look as follows:

external number;Type of leave;Date of transport;Amount;Reason
kvdlaan;Normal leave;2014-1-1;26.75;Left over balance 2013

Using the import, transport adaptations of 26 hours and 45 minutes are added to the balance of ‘Normal leave’ of employee ‘kvlaan’ indicated as ‘schedule adaptation’


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