Add leave days retrospectively

Entering leave requests into the system retrospectively

It might be useful to add the already taken leave into the system retrospectively, so that the system is complete. This way, you and your employees have a clear overview of the leave days that have been taken. To put all these leave days in the system, use the option to request leave for someone else.

  • Go to ‘Leavedays (module at the top)’ ⇒ ‘ ‘Leave’  ⇒ ‘Request’.
  • Check the box ‘state for someone else’.
  • Select the employee in question.
  • .Check the box for “automatic approval”.
  • Select a day or days (you can select a week by selecting the week number) from the past. Note! The system will look at the schedule of the selected employee for the times. The system will show a notification that the day was not a day in the schedule if the employee was not yet employed at the time of the request.
  • If needed, add a reason.
  • Save the request.

By selecting ‘automatic approval’, the request(s) will be approved and processed immediately, so that the manager or administrator does not have to assess these requests.

You can choose to file all requests individually, or to put all of them in one request. The advantage of filing all the requests individually is that the employee will be able to view all the requests as separate requests, which otherwise would be shown as one request. A disadvantage is that this process costs a lot of time. Filing all the requests at once has the advantage that the requests will be processed quickly. A disadvantage is, as said before, that the date of the requests will not be clear at once.